Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012: Who Would Get Your Vote?

The list is light on guitar bands, are we not cool anymore?   08-Oct-12

The Marvelettes


The Marvelettes - The beautiful girls who gave Motown their first number one single, 'Please Mr. Postman'.

If that's not a claim for a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then what is? They also had Marvin Gaye on the drums on that record, which is pretty cool in itself.

They are already in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, and while they didn't rise to the same levels of fame as some of their other Motown label buddies, they were still an incredibly important act of the sixties.

The female pop movement suffered a huge hit from the like of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones who were dominating the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, but throughout this they remained a popular band and achieved a number of top ten hits.

The end of the story for the band was a tragic one, with internal disputes between the bands, a string of new members, and eventually a huge fight between various members, labels, and former managers for rights to the name.

Original member Gladys Horton died of a stroke during her fight to secure the rights, but her legacy lives on, and the band is recognised as being a truly pioneering force in a musical movement which swept the world.

They're not a rock and roll band exactly, but having Marvin Gaye drum on any of your tracks qualifies as rock and roll in our books.

However, the next band on this list is rock and roll.


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