Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012: Who Would Get Your Vote?

The list is light on guitar bands, are we not cool anymore?   08-Oct-12

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012: Who Would Get Your Vote?
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hopefuls // Some Rights Reserved

Our collective pride is hurting, this year's list of nominees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is fairly light on guitar bands. Are we not cool anymore? Don't answer that question...

There are some bands in there that will please the rock and rollers, such as Rush (oh man we're really not cool anymore), Procol Harum (see, told you) and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (that's better).

Deep Purple are also in there, as well as Albert King, who, it goes without saying, really should be in there already, and Heart. But there's also a handful of surprises, and that's what everybody seems most interested.

Looking through the list, it's a tough one to call, but we've gone through the list and picked out who we think deserves a place:

Deep Purple

It's just a no-brainer really, especially after Jon Lord's passing, it seems to feel right. Then you've got the fact that as separate musicians they were some of the most talented, influential, and important people to grace the Earth.

From a guitarist's point of view, Ritchie Blackmore was doing things with a Stratocaster that seemed barely possible at the time, and had about as big an influence on the wave of 80s shredders as anyone.

He carried on where Hendrix left off when it came to making incredible noise combined with outstanding musicianship and a head for constructing some explorative and inventive solos.

The introduction to 'Burn' pretty much sums it up. Some intros are known for a cool guitar riff or a drum fill. 'Burn' is known for a cool guitar riff, a thumping bass line, some frantic and outstanding drumming, one of the most iconic organ parts of all time, and an incredible vocal delivery.

And that bloody solo, it's so good it almost makes you hate Ritchie Blackmore, almost.

Not to mention the production, which was leaps ahead of its time. Great band, should definitely be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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