Is Your Dad Cool Enough To Rock Out With You On Stage?

Maybe if your dad was in a famous rock band   06-Oct-12

Is Your Dad Cool Enough To Rock Out With You On Stage?
Mud appearing on Dutch television (Ray holding the bass) // Some Rights Reserved // AVRO

If your dad asked to play a gig with your band, would you say yes? Or let's turn the tables, if your son was in a cool new rock band, would you want to play a gig with him?

A famous father, and slightly less famous son, have decided to share a stage together at a gig in London. Ray Stiles, bass player of 70s glam-rock band, Mud, is playing a gig with his son's band, Mothership.

It will be one of the first times that Ray Stiles has even played a gig with Mud since his son was born, but his son Jack Stiles has been creating a buzz in London as a singer for Mothership.

Stiles senior told ThisIsLocalLondon:

“We did get together with Mothership once before and it was probably going to be the last time we were ever going to do it, but it was just so successful. This time will probably be the last though.”

“We were glam rock. They are more traditional rock. I think my son will do a lot better than me.”

Another member of Mothership is also of a strong rock pedigree, guitarist Ben Lochrie's father played bass for Paul Rodgers and Bad Company. He won the Brit School's award for 'Young Guitarist of the Year' in 2011.

Check out Mothership's 'Fast Car' below:


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