Win a Boss Pedal Every Day For a Month... AGAIN!

Dawsons are at it again, win loads of boss pedals!   02-Oct-12

Win a Boss Pedal Every Day For a Month... AGAIN!

Remember that one time, in February, when Dawsons music announced that they were given away a different Boss pedal every day for a month?

Well they're at it again, but this time it's October. By pure mathematical reasoning, that makes this giveaway much better, because more days of the month means more pedals up for grabs.

So you can almost guarantee that if there's a Boss pedal you're after, then it will probably be given away in this competition at some point.

All you really need to do to find out is head over to the Dawsons Facebook page, and check back each day to see which pedal is being given away that day. 

Free pedals. Easy. Expect that you'll be battling against a few thousand other people for the privilege of owning them.

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