Foo Fighters Signature Guitars

Fender introduces Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster Deluxe and Nate Mendel P Bass   02-Oct-12

We've been pretty psyched about this announcement, the Fender Foo Fighters guitars have finally been officially announced and released.

We've posted updates about the prototypes of these guitars over the last few weeks, with Nate and Chris from Foo Fighters working together with Fender to bring new signature models.

The signatures are essentially slight variations and customisations on existing Fender stapes, the new Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster Deluxe is one such model, and the Nate Mendel P Bass has also landed.

Fender says that Shiflett's abiding love for Telecasters and for huge humbucking sound now comes together in one kickass new instrument with his name on it. It's an affordable model, modeled closely on Shiflettt's favorite '72 Tele Deluxe, it features a cool Arctic White finish, a four-ply white pearl pickguard, a roaring pair of new custom-designed high-output humbucking pickups, a 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard, custom-stenciled hard-shell case, and Shiflett's signature on the headstock.

Shiflett, had this to say, "Fender is as good as it gets for a guitar player, so to have one with my name is a pretty special feeling. The setup is perfect for me, and to be able to take the time to look at the guitar from a few different angles really pays dividends." 

Nate Mendel has had a pretty special career as far as rock and roll bassists go. Throughout a long career that started with hardcore punk and flourished first with Sunny Day Real Estate and then the Foo Fighters, the 1971 Precision bass has been Nate's weapon of choice.

Fender has issues the Nate Mendel P Bass, modeled after his beloved, battle-hardened instrument. The Nate Mendel P Bass shares many of the same features as the original, with special body contouring, extra-slim neck and nut width, a lightly worn Candy Apple Red finish with a black pickguard, a powerful Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound split single-coil pickup, Badass II bridge for rock-solid sustain and stability, and Mendel's signature on the headstock. It also comes with a spare neck plate engraved with a special hybrid Foo Fighters/Fender logo and a deluxe gig bag.

"The final product is exactly what I wanted," said Mendel. "Fender was great and took the bass to find a way to copy the shape of the neck; I'm super excited about it. Once you land on a P Bass, that's kind of where you stay." 

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