Has Yngwie Malmsteen Undercooked His New Teaching Website?

With all the fire, we're surprised it's not burned   01-Oct-12

Has Yngwie Malmsteen Undercooked His New Teaching Website?

Take a trip over to Yngwie Malmsteen's new teaching website, RelentlessShred.com and you might be forgiven for thinking that you are in the fiery depths of hell, the virtuoso's site is donned in flames and general darkness.

Despite this, it all seems a bit undercooked. The idea of getting lessons from Yngwie is really, really exciting, but the site is currently light on info and resources.

Basically, the deal is that you part with your cash and you get access to lessons from Mr Malmsteen, but there are a few different packages you can purchase, and it isn't clear why these are priced differently.

It's fair to assume that the more you pay, you get access to more videos and potentially online tuition. We're not sure... nobody seems too sure really.

The press material for the site has perhaps struck a bum chord too, "Tired of watching nobodies, trying to teach you how to play Yngwie’s songs? Now, why would you take lessons from a random, when you can learn from Yngwie himself?"

This extract from the press release appears to mock the Youtubers who spend their time (often) teaching for free online and offering their help to people who are trying to learn songs by Yngwie. For a start it's possible that these Youtubers would potentially be up for parting with their cash for lessons with Yngwie, but calling them out in a press campaign is unlikely to entice them.

Secondly, most guitarists have a lot of respect for those guys on Youtube who transcribe songs and then upload them for other people to learn. One of the greatest things about being a guitarist is the mutual respect for each other, we're all part of that club, and this just seems a little bit arrogant on that front.

That said, I'm sure the actual resources and lessons will be amazing, but it doesn't look too promising so far. Yngwie is one of the greatest guitarists around, and if he's willing to teach then a lot of people will be willing to learn, let's hope they don't get put off by what seems like an undercooked campaign.

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