Slash Reveals He Is A Huge Fan Of Adele

GNR guitarist curbed rock and roll lifestyle for health   30-Sep-12

Slash Reveals He Is A Huge Fan Of Adele
Slash Receiving His Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame // CC // Angela George

Slash has revealed that as he has grown older, he has had to shy away from the rock and roll lifestyle of his youth, his taste in music has also taken a small step away from classic rock and roll.

The former Guns 'N' Roses guitarist has admitted that Adele is currently one of his favourite artists, in a contemplative interview about his UK roots and former tendencies for the rock and roll extreme.

He told the Independent on Sunday:

"She's great... She's a shot in the arm for this industry. She writes her own music that's not at all contrived. And she's managed to sell loads of records which makes her a great example to the younger artists. Like Amy Winehouse, she's organic and real. It's great to have that happen at this moment when everybody else is so synthetic."

Slash also took the time to distance himself from the excesses of life as a musician, claiming that he would be dead if hadn't have cleaned up his act:

"I still look back on [Guns 'N' Roses] being the ultimate pre-adult, post-adolescent experience. But I simply don't think you and I would be speaking had I tried to carry on. I'm a pretty durable survivor and I'm fortunate to be here anyway. But I think if I'd kept trying to negotiate that existence, I wouldn't be here."

He now focuses firmly on his children:

"I want to make sure that I instil in my children some of the values that kept me grounded growing up. In the midst of all the drugs and the booze and the chicks, no matter how crazy I have been, there was always a decorum and set of manners. A lot of that came from my parents and wider family."

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