Cell Phone Ban Doesn't Stop Abuse Aimed At Jack White

Jack White on the receiving end after cutting short show   30-Sep-12

Cell Phone Ban Doesn't Stop Abuse Aimed At Jack White
Jack White Left The Audience Feeling Blue // Some Rights Reserved // Scott Penner

Last week it was Green Day's turn to freak the hell out on stage, this week it's Jack White's turn, although he didn't smash a guitar, he reportedly just stormed off stage.

White, who released his first solo album Blunderbuss earlier this year, played for around 45 minutes at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC before leaving stage, despite the best efforts of fans to get him back, he did not return for an encore.

While 45 minutes isn't an unreasonable amount of time for a musician to play, a guitarist with the back catalogue of Jack White might usually play for a little longer.

Fans and New York press have speculated as to whether something was troubling Jack, the venue is all-seated and Gawker.com have mused that he may have been upset about a perceived lack of participation from the audience.

The former White Stripes guitarist announced that he wanted to ban all cell phones at his concerts in August, complaining about having to stare at 1000 blue rectangles every time he played, but there are currently no reports that audience members were using cell phones to record the gig.

A cell phone ban certainly didn't stop audience members taking to Twitter and venting their frustrations on Twitter while at the venue.

Audience member, Helene Taylor, tweeted:

"Hey Jack White, we followed u all over the country. U visit r home town NYC & give us this? Suck it up & play 2 yr audience u pussy."

Another audience member, Rosie Gray, tweeted:

"People now chanting "f*** you Jack!" at the Jack White show because he played for 40 mins and didn't do any encores."

So it is not clear why Jack White left the stage after 40-45 minutes, but fans certainly weren't happy about it.

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