Acoustic Guitar Show Figures Double, Electric Guitar Show Fails

Good news is followed by bad news for guitar industry   27-Sep-12

Acoustic Guitar Show Figures Double, Electric Guitar Show Fails
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Guitarists might have been rubbing their hands together in joy today after the attendance figures for the London Acoustic Guitar Show were released, almost twice as many people attended this year's show as did last year.

But that sense of optimism about the somewhat troubled industry of guitar shows in UK was short lived, after it was announced that the London Electric Guitar Show had been cancelled... again.

It begs the question - is the demand just not there, or is there something inherently impossible about hosting a successful electric guitar show in the UK.

We've seen it time and time again, dates for shows are announced, they get changed, and then finally they get dropped completely, but the Acoustic Guitar Show bucked the trend and provided some light at the end of the tunnel. 

A number of big names on the circuit were attracted to the show, including Newton Faulkner, Grant Nicholas (Feeder) and Andy McKee, as well as young stars of the future such as Mike Dawes.

With the dedicated support of Acoustic magazine, it's not really much of a surprise that attendance figures are up, but to double the figures in one year is incredible, especially considering that guitar shows are being cancelled all over the world.

The events are great places for guitarists to meet likeminded people, and also offer opportunities for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to get together, as well as giving the press opportunities to speak to manufacturers and forge new relationships, ultimately leading to better coverage, particularly for smaller manufacturers who are struggling to publicise their brands.

The cancellation of yet another show is certainly sad news, but unfortunately it does not come as a surprise. Blaze Publishing, who were organising the event cited ticket sales as the main issue, stating:

"We do not feel that the ticket sales will reach a level that will satisfy our exhibitors’ expectations."

Congratulations to Blaze Publishing for a successful London Acoustic Guitar Show though.

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