Sex Pistols Guitarist Says Modern Bands Are Too Tame

Steve Jones thinks more bands need to make a fuss   25-Sep-12

Sex Pistols Guitarist Says Modern Bands Are Too Tame
Steve Jones rocks out at the Roxy Theater // Some Rights Reserved // Kevin Baldes

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones has claimed that modern bands need to be more 'pissed off', and that it shouldn't be up to old punk bands to carry the burden of speaking out against the Establishment.

"There should be more bands creating a fuss today," said Jones in an interview with the Daily Star's Kim Dawson. "It shouldn't be left to old farts like us to cause a stir."

Steve, now based in LA, believes with austerity measures in place around the globe, it's time for a big band to speak out and ruffle some feathers.

He explained: "I think people in general right now are so pissed off because everyone's skint; some band's got to come up with something. There's got to be four or five guys who are in a basement now making songs.

"I'm sure I won't like it, whatever it is, because I'm not meant to. I'm 57, I'm not meant to relate to a 20-year-old kid. In general, rock and roll is a youthful thing."

Despite Jones' claims that everybody is skint, the Sex Pistols have chosen to rerelease unto the market their classic album Never Mind The Bollocks... which has been digitally remastered.

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