John 5's Advice For Guitarists: More Is More

Less is definitely not more says Rob Zombie guitarist   25-Sep-12

John 5's Advice For Guitarists: More Is More
John 5 performs with Rob Zombie // Some Rights Reserved // Chad Davis

John 5 has played guitar for some of the biggest names in the business, not to mention recording music for films with Johnny Depp and recording music for Baywatch. He's also had a successful solo career, so he's obviously onto something.

John 5's advice for aspiring guitarists? 'Less is not more' apparently, more is more.

In an interview with the Phoenix New Times, John said:

"Yeah, I would've done things different. I was always taught less is more, less is more. No, no, no, no - more is more. Less is not more. More is more. So I would've put more into my first instrumental record like I have been doing now. That's my new motto is "more is more" [laughs]. That's how I always think about that."

John 5 also spoke about his influences over the years, displaying that varied taste is a key to well rounded musicianship:

"Well I've always gone through epiphanies, so you know, it started out early with the Bee Gees, The Eagles, and that went to KISS and Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen and so on and so forth.

"And of course throughout time, you keep getting influenced. But I was very influenced by the industrial genre. NIN, White Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. Certain things leave a mark with you.

"All that stuff I just love inspiration. And I always look to be inspired, because you never know what will be a life-changing experience. But it doesn't come around as often as I'd like it to, so I'm always looking for inspiration."

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