Tony Iommi Is The Best Metal Guitarist Of All Time

Gibson name the Black Sabbath guitarist as number one   24-Sep-12

5: Dimebag Darrell

Another guitarist we lost too early, Dimebag Darrell comes in at number five on Gibson's list. Putting the groove into metal, Dimebag was... well, one of the best guitarists of all time really.

Gibson wrote:

"The most popular metal band of the first part of the '90s, Pantera cut through ‘80s hair metal to establish their own unmistakable style. That signature sound largely came from guitarist Dimebag Darrell, whose rhythmic attack and hard-hitting sledgehammer tactic proved metal guitar could shred wildly, but still groove.

"Tragedy struck on December 8 of 2004, when Darrell, then 38, was shot and killed by a concertgoer during a club show in Columbus, Ohio. He’ll always be remembered as one of the most significant engineers of modern metal."

Taking up spaces 6 through 10 in the list were:

6: Eddie Van Halen

7: Zakk Wylde (yet another Ozzy guitarist!!)

8: Adam Jones

9: Dave Murray, Adrian Smith

10: George Lynch

What do you think of the list, is there anybody you'd have put in there in place of another, and who would be your number one?

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