Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Smashes Guitar In Anger (Video)

Green Day singer takes offense to having set cut short   23-Sep-12

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong showed his fury at having his set cut short at iHeart Radio festival by smashing his signature Gibson Les Paul Studio on stage.

The singer reportedly had his set cut short because another artist, Usher, ran over by 20 minutes on his set, although those reports have not been confirmed by organisers of the festival.

The band were hoping to play a new song, before it flashed up on the cue that they had to wrap their set up within one minute. Prompting the following rant from Billie Joe Armstrong:


“You’re gonna give me one minute?!” he shouted. “I’ve been around since f****** nineteen eighty f****** eight, and you’re gonna give me one minute?! You’ve gotta be f****** kidding me!”

He added:

“I’m not f****** Justin Bieber, you motherf******!” he continued. “Let me show you what one f****** minute f****** means."

He then started to smash up his guitar. Perhaps a testament to the Gibson build quality was the fact that it took him quite a few attempts before he actually succeeded. Mike Dirnt also attempted to smash up his bass guitar, but appeared not to do much damage.

Billie Joe Armstrong finished by chucking the microphone into the audience and walking off stage.


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