Comedy Metal Album On The Way From Scott Ian and Brian Posehn

One tune to be called 'Satan is Kind of a Dick'   22-Sep-12

Ohhhh this is going to be good. Scott Ian and Brian Posehn are teaming up again (after their track 'More Metal Than You'), but this time it's for an entire album.

One of the tracks on the album might well be a cover of A-Ha's 'Take On Me', and one of the tracks will be 'Satan is Kind of a Dick' (true, true). Awesome.

In comes in the same week that Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, has suggested that out of all of the bands in the Big Four, he probably listens to Slayer the most. Ian told

"If you went into my iTunes and you looked at the play count to see what songs I listen to the most, I would probably bet Slayer gets played more than Metallica or Megadeth."

He also suggested it would be cool to turn the Big Four into the Big Five, and include thrash band Exodus, and we have to admit, that would be pretty great.

If you haven't already checked out Scott Ian's modular amp system, then find out more about it here, because it's amazing.

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