Slash Embarrassed Over Naked David Bowie Anecdote

Guitarist says original conversation was blown up   19-Sep-12

Slash has suggested that claims he made about walking in on his mum and David Bowie naked together during his childhood were blown up out of proportion by the media.

Slash mentioned the story during a phone conversation in Australia, and it has long been common knowledge that his late mother, Ola Hudson, once dated David Bowie when Slash was a child.

He said in the interview that he had walked in on the pair naked, but now wishes he had not said anything because he does not feel it was appropriate to do so.


Slash told 107.7 The Bone:

"That was a very casual conversation with somebody on the phone in Australia that I had no idea was going to get blown up.

"It became this big headline and it was very awkward. I’m embarrassed because I’m sure David didn’t appreciate it.

"And my mum, rest in peace, probably wouldn’t have dug it either".

But he insists the story is no big deal. "All it was, they dated for a while, which is common knowledge", he says. "All I said was, there was one occasion where I happened to walk into the bedroom when they weren't fully dressed.

"That was it – it wasn't anything more lewd..."


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