Carlos Santana: No One's Better Than Me

Latin virtuoso talks straight   19-Sep-12

Carlos Santana has been saying what's really on his mind in a recent interview with the Guardian. The virtuoso guitarist told the UK newspaper:

"No one's better than me. I'm not better than anyone."

Santana was referring to the fact that he does not take any notice of best ever guitarist lists, commenting: "...the idea of numbers is very foreign to my brain."

By the same token he does not believe in chart positions, but rather judges music by the currency of melody:

“I realized a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.

“Jeff Beck is a singer, but he sings with a guitar, so does Eric, so does Stevie Ray. It's not just through your mouth, it's through your fingers.”

Never a truer word said, Carlos! And if you want to remember why Carlos Santana is such a legend, watch the video above.


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