What Is The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All Time?

In fact, what are the 100 best hard rock tunes?   18-Sep-12

What Is The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All Time?
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What is the greatest American hard rock song of all time? Is it by Guns n Roses, KISS, Poison, Bon Jovi, who would get your vote?

What if you had to pick the 100 greatest American hard rock songs of all time, imagine that, it would be like a party for your ears.

Well VH1 wants to know what your 100 top hard rock songs would be, and every day it wants people to vote from a list of songs, the most popular will make it on to the list, and one will be crowned as the greatest of all time.

Unfortunately those sneaky buggers ain't gonna let us know which song is at number one until November, when they will count down the top 100 in a special programme.

Interestingly, one of the bands you could vote for in the VH1 American hard rock list are Black Sabbath, who are from England... which might be a pretty close friend of America's, but it's certainly not in America.

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