New Thin Lizzy Album On The Way

Scott Gorham confirms new album   17-Sep-12

The reformed Thin Lizzy group has been touring together for quite some time now, but the issue of whether they can legitimately be called Thin Lizzy in 'artistic' terms still rages on in some quarters. It's certainly an issue that divides guitarists.

The dust has settled recently, with Scott Gorham stating that fans are beginning to trust the new line up, and saying in an interview with Billboard that a number of fans had been hungry for new material from 'Thin Lizzy'.

Thunder and Lightning was the band's last release, and it came in 1983, over a decade before the group reformed without the late Phil Lynott. But almost 30 years after Thunder and Lightning, Gorham has confirmed that the current line-up will add to the Thin Lizzy discography with an original album of their own.

It's slightly controversial, slightly exciting, and more than slightly terrifying. Rock and roll has changed a lot in 30 years, and a step towards a new album will not have been taken lightly by the group, which now consists of Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Darren Wharton, Marco Mendoza, Ricky Warwick and Damien Johnson.

The band still rocks the same dual guitar melodies and crunchy rock and roll riffs, and this is unlikely to change in the new material, but Phil Lynott's songwriting and sometimes indifferent vocal delivery was such a major part of Thin Lizzy as an artistic force.

The reformed group has always set about on a mission of tribute to Phil Lynott, and they will undoubtedly claim the new album is in the same vein. Recording is due to start as soon as October.

Gorham told

“I think Phil would be right behind the idea of a new Thin Lizzy album. Given the choice, Phil would want to keep the Thin Lizzy name going and keep the band on the road. He was a real band member.”

He added: “You know, we still feel he is with us. That’s why at every gig we introduce Phil as though he’s still here — and he still gets the biggest cheer of the night. So he’s still overshadowing me.”

What do you think of the idea of recording a new album?

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