Roland G5 Virtual Guitar Stratocaster- Unboxing

Roland and Fender's first guitar lovechild - any questions?   23-Aug-12

The new breed of instruments made in a collaboration between Fender and Roland are here. We're looking at the G5 Virtual Guitar - a Fender Stratocaster body with Roland electronics, turns the basic instrument into something able to emulate a number of other guitars through Roland’s COSM modelling technology - think Line 6 Variax and your in the right ballpark.

We have the Black G-5 VG Stratocaster in for review, in fact it's currently with our reviewer - so if you have any questions, or you want us to find out something specific, leave your mark in the comments below and our reviewer will do his best (not me, you’ll be pleased to know - did I mention I’m not a guitarist?) to answer them.

Roland G5 - available now.


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