TC Electronic And Guitar Center Introduce New Delay Stompbox

Transition Delay features custom tweaked TonePrints   22-Aug-12

Transition Delay is a TonePrint enabled, compact delay pedal that houses all the features from TC Electronic's Flashback Delay, plus four exclusive, custom tweaked TonePrints. It is available only through Guitar Center and Musicians Friend. Here's the details in TC's own words...
The TonePrint program is a runaway success, and the same goes for our smash hit Flashback Delay pedal. But we love incorporating outside knowledge to kick our game up a notch. So, when the TonePrints that Guitar Centers' Barry Mitchell did with us last year proved super popular, we decided to dedicate a pedal to his superior knowledge of tone and vast experience in guitar gear to give guitarists a delay pedal that combines all our history, know-how and love for tone. And to do all of this with Barry Mitchell, someone who lives, sleeps and breathes guitar pedals was really the icing on the cake. His ultra-awesome job? Get this: he buys guitar pedals for a living! Added to that, he is an accomplished guitarist with a vast live- and studio experience. Combining our TonePrint initiative with Barry's great history as a guitarist, tone connoisseur and someone who works extremely closely with guitarists every day was a no-brainer to us, as it is something that can really give guitarists everywhere great tone that actually fits their needs, so they can keep coming back to it and really rely on the pedal to have their back. Barry got access to our TonePrint editor and dialed in four sounds that are rock solid, very usable and awe-inspiring TonePrints that are sure to kick your sounds and playing into high gear. These four TonePrints are only available on Transition Delay and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • The first TonePrint, named EVO, is a tribute to one of the greatest delay units ever created - the TC 2290. It is a modern take on a classic sound, providing tone that harkens back to the industry defining, super musical unit it pays tribute to.
  • The second TonePrint is FATY, a super fat sounding analog delay that begs for guitarists to dig in and do their worst.
  • TonePrint three is aptly named DUCT and gives you a classic tape delay sound reminiscent of the revolutionary classic units that came out in the 60s.
  • And, rounding out the Guitar Centers TonePrints is MORF, a setting that is sure to turn heads with a tape delay that adds modulation for some truly twisted sounds.

Transition Delay at a glance
  • TonePrint
  • 11 delay types including looper
  • Audio Tapping
  • 7 seconds delay
  • Stereo in & out
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