New Signature Nick Catanese Strings From Dean Markley USA

Elliptical strings reduce grime and dirt on strings   22-Aug-12

New Signature Nick Catanese Strings From Dean Markley USA

Many guitarists have a preference over which brand or gauge of strings we like to use, but we rarely think about how the actual strings are made, or how the design process affects the quality and the tone of the string.

Well the new Nick Catanese strings from Dean Markley USA offer some food for thought. The new strings are a new version of the Dean Markley Helix strings which are already used by the Black Label Society guitarist.

There is a twist though (yes I made a string winding pun), the new strings are elliptical in shape, which apparently means that coatings and treatments are not needed.

Because the wire is elliptical, the gaps between the string windings are reduced and that means that less grease and dirt will build up over time. This will hopefully mean there is less rust.

If you purchase a set then you will get the same custom gauges used by Nick Catanese:

e String - .010

B String - .013

G String - .017

D String - .036

A String - .046

E String - .056

MSRP: $12.95


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