Is It Time Guitarists Were Granted Access To The TonePrint Editor Software?

A plea from a lifelong TC Electronic fan   22-Aug-12

After the news that TC Electronic have released another delay pedal - the Transition Delay, which is built upon the same software as the Flashback, one might be forgiven for just coming clean and asking "can I have the freakin' TonePrint editor software please?"

The answer from TC Electronic is a resounding no. Instead we can buy the TonePrint pedals and download sounds that are created by famous artists, and then in this case, instead of being able to download a new TonePrint sound we can actually go out and buy a physical edition of a new TonePrint delay pedal. One that runs off the same software as the delay pedal before it.

You see, if we all paid for access to the editor then we would have no need to buy two delay pedals, but there would still be a handful of people who would buy TonePrint signature sounds from famous artists. But people would inevitably work out how to recreate the sounds and upload 'cheat sheets' online. That's the problem for TC.

But what the hell? I'd happily pay a subscription to have access to the TonePrint software, and I'm sure many others would. This would keep the money rolling in and it would create an awesome online community who could share each other's sounds and even rate the best ones.

I'm a lifelong fan of TC Electronic, I absolutely love their stuff. But the longer it is before we can all get our hands on that editor, the more it makes you feel like you're either being ripped off with all these new TonePrint signatures, or that the extra parameters on the editor are overstated and that the whole idea of downloadable TonePrints is a false economy.

I'd like to know if anybody feels the same way, or if people are happy not to have the editor. I guess there would be certain people out there who wouldn't know what to do with it, but you don't need to be a famous guitarist to create something amazing, and I'm sure I could benefit from what some of the tech-minded guys in the Sonic Amped community could create.

Because... you know, you're all awesome.

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