Paul Ryan Rocks Out To Rage Against The Machine... Apparently

Conservative Republican loves left-wing rap metal   16-Aug-12

Paul Ryan Rocks Out To Rage Against The Machine... Apparently
Rage Against The Machine // CC // Scott Penner

This is one of those stories that just makes you think 'W... T... Frickin F?', Mitt Romeny's running mate Paul Ryan has shared his musical tastes with the world, and on his list of favorite bands is Rage Against The Machine.

Other artists on the Facebook list are Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Metallica, Beethoven and Hank Williams JR., unfortunately for outspoken Mitt Romney supporter Dave Mustaine, who this week accused President Obama of orchestrating recent shootings in Aurora and Wisconsin, Megadeth are nowhere to be seen on the list.

The obvious dichotomy is that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is listening to one of the most outwardly socialist bands ever to have recorded an album.

Tom Morello has been a major voice in the Occupy movement and against conservative politics in general, which begs the question - is Paul Ryan doing this as a wind up, is it an embarrassing attempt to gain kudos from younger voters, or is he actually being serious?

It's fairly difficult to imagine Ryan and Romney popping open a beer and headbanging to 'Killing in the Name of', perhaps Ryan has inadvertently let slip of his cunning plan to get into power and reveal his love for the Sex Pistols and George Orwell, probably not long before getting fired and never being allowed back into Wisconsin again.

That almost definitely won't happen, almost definitely, but it will certainly be interesting to see what the members of Rage Against the Machine have to say about their public endorsement from the Republican politician.

One thing is clear though, all of the bands mentioned in his 'favorite music' list all feature awesome guitar riffs in the catalog (apart from Beethoven who features awesome orchestral riffs), it could be that Paul Ryan is just a fan of the heavy riffs.

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