New TC Electronic TonePrint Sounds From Top Metal Guitarists

Crank your tone with sounds from Scott Ian and Bill Kelliher   16-Aug-12

Remember when TC Electronic announced TonePrint not too long ago? It seems weird to think that it hasn't really been around that long, you'd be hard pressed to find a guitarist who hasn't heard of it these days.

You'd also be hard pressed to find a guitarist who hasn't heard of Anthrax, Mastodon, Korn, Bring Me The Horizon, and Bullet For My Valentine. Axe-wielders from all five bands have worked with TC Electronic to develop their own TonePrints, and you guys can get your dirty mitts on them.

Also, you lucky little sods can win signed TonePrint pedals from three of the artists, but you'll have to go to TC's Facebook page to find out more about that.

We're most excited about the Scott Ian TonePrint, mainly because that dude rocks some pretty awesome gear in his rig, so it'll be interesting to see what he can get out of the extra parameters available to him on the Corona Chorus pedal.

If you want to see a review of that pedal, plus four other pedals in the series, then check out our review right here.

Because we're such great guys, here's another video for you from TC, all about Scott Ian. Remember to go and like us on Facebook before you watch it though, just so we can stalk you and stuff.

And here it is!

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