Questions Raised Over Sorry State of Gary Moore's Grave

Guitarist's resting place still without a headstone   13-Aug-12

Questions Raised Over Sorry State of Gary Moore's Grave
Gary Moore performing in 1985 // CC // Harry Potts

Concerns have been raised over the state of Gary Moore's grave. The late guitarist's final resting place is currently without a headstone but instead has a small wooden cross which reads "Gary Moore 1952-2011".

Dotted around the grave are items left by fans, but plans by the blues guitarist's family to replace the brown cross with a headstone have been put on hold.

The family cited the weather as being the main factor in the delay, a spokesperson for the family said:

"A headstone is currently being made, as arranged by Gary’s family. It does take some time for the ground, following a burial, to settle and to be able to support a headstone or memorial piece. But with the continuing wet weather, this has added to the time that the ground is taking to settle."

Despite the concerns, the family have been working hard to maintain Gary's legacy, with a new biography reportedly having been commissioned.

Gary Moore passed away on 6 February 2011 at a hotel in Estepona, Spain. His final resting place is in Rottingdean, East Sussex.

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