Fuzz Box Girl Demos Limited Edition Buffalo FX Fuzz

Germanium fuzz designed to clone the Fuzz Face   01-Aug-12

As often as possible we try to review things, in fact we have reviews of Waghorn guitars, the Kemper profiling amp, Noisekick FX, and many more coming up, BUT... we simply cannot compete with Fuzz Box Girl when it comes to reviewing filthy fuzz.

Here she is reviewing the limited edition Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz, which is pretty much a Fuzz Face clone for anyone who's asking.

It's a great sounding pedal, and there are only 50 to be made, you can find out more about the pedal by going to the Buffalo Fx website.

For the fuzz nerds out there, it has an external bias so you can compensate for temperature changes and adjust your tone too, sweet Lordy.

Enjoy Fuzz Box Girl's review, and all I can hope is that you will still want to watch our Amped reviews afterwards!

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