Metallica Set Fire To Technician, Audience Don't Take It Too Well

Technician runs across stage in a ball of flame   30-Jul-12

Metallica have a somewhat troubled relationship with fire, we all know what happened to James' arm, and the subsequent events encouraged by that particular incident.

That was an accident, but to set the record straight, what happens in the video above is most definitely not an accident. Most fans probably clocked on after they had taken everything in, but an audience in Mexico was left slightly confused and concerned after a stage tech ran across the stage engulfed in flames at a Metallica gig on Saturday night.

After a huge pyrotechnic display, which can be seen in the video above, the audience roar but then the mood changes when at the end of 'Enter Sandman' James yells at the technician to 'stop' before he is eventually assisted by men with fire extinguishers.

It was all part of a planned stunt, which mirrored an almost identical performance during Cunning Stunts.

The best thing about the video above is the organised chaos created by the team behind the show, check it out for yourself - well worth a watch.

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