WATCH: The Kemper Profiling Amp Used For Authentic Thrash By Andy Sneap

Legendary metal producer says he can't tell the difference   25-Jul-12

Andy Sneap has described the first time he got the Kemper Profiling Amp out of the box and used it in sessions with Accept.

The producer admitted that he was 'dubious' about the amp saying that "you don't want it to be true, you don't want it to work. You don't want to be able to put your sound into a box."

But he was won over by the profiling amp, which essentially reads the sonic signature of other amps and stores them as a preset.

Sneap said that he and Accept couldn't tell the difference between the tone of the stacks they were using, and the profiled versions of the stacks captured in the Kemper.

The amplifier works by sending a range of different frequencies into the input channel of your favourite amplifier, and then using a microphone to measure how those frequencies sound when coming back out of the amplifier.

By weighing the data on the original frequencies against the return signal, it can measure the differences and nail the tonal signature of your amp.

We recently played around with the KPA, and will soon be sent a review model to test in full for an Amped gear review.

For now though, you can hear what Andy has to say about it in the video above.

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