Misha Mansoor Talks About a Common Problem for Guitarists

Mansoor on new Periphery album   07-Jul-12

Misha Mansoor Talks About a Common Problem for Guitarists
Periphery // CC // Kadellar

Have you heard Periphery's new album yet? You should have, it's called Periphery II: This Time It's Personal and it's a masterpiece of awesome proportions.

The band's guitarist Misha Mansoor has spoken about a very familiar feeling to all guitarists, and one that also saw one of the tracks nearly not make the final cut. 'Muramasa' is the opening song of the album, but it almost didn't appear. Mansoor wrote the track and then questioned whether the riffs were really as good as he thought - a familiar feeling for us all.

Luckily his bandmates were on hand to reassure him of how great the track is, and it made it. He explained the process in an interview with Music Radar:

“I wrote this one a while ago with Jake," says Mansoor. "We needed a live intro for our tour, but we felt like it had to be in a specific tuning. We put it together, and Spencer had some really cool lyric ideas for it right away.

“And then what happened was, I completely forgot about the song! [laughs] When it was suggested that we use it for the album, I was like, ‘No way, that thing sucks!’ But Jake sent it to everybody, we all listened again, and I was surprised: ‘No, wait, it is pretty good. I thought it sucked, but it doesn’t.’

Mansoor also talked about the tuning on the track:

“The tuning is the Zyglrox tuning – AGCFAD. We have a song called Zyglrox, and that’s the tuning we have on that one. You get a really cool, big interval. For all the six-string stuff, I used either my Mayones or my Blackmachine B2. The Blackmachine B2 is my special guitar – it’s the most perfect, prized guitar.”

So how many of you just picked up a guitar to try out that tuning then?

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