Masterful Legato and Tapping From Gianluca Ferro

Video of Ferro's new song live in the studio   02-Jul-12

Viewers of Sonic Amped's 'Watts Up' guitar show might remember Gianluca Ferro's tips on soloing from this episode (they also might remember Rich's ridiculous moustache from that episode).

We've long admired Gianluca's legato technique, he glides around the fretboard pretty effortlessly and has a graceful and smooth style even on his heavier tracks. In his new video, shot live from his studio, you can see (and hear) his technique in high def.

Gian actually caught our attention for his videos on four finger tapping, but in his new video we were more impressed by his work with his left hand, with which his timing is always spot on and his technique clean. It's a great example for anybody who is wondering why their guitar teacher has told them to spend three hours a day practising left hand exercises, it pays off!

That's not to say that there isn't some tapping in this video, though.

Gianluca's new track is called 'Parallels' and if you want to solo over it yourself and post your own cover version of the track online, you can find the backing track here.

If you want the tabs then head to Gianluca's website.


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