The Simple Way To Practise Chord Changes

Great lesson on how to master chord changes   24-Jun-12

Whether you're a beginner or intermediate, practising chord changes can sometimes be difficult without the help of a teacher.

If you're having trouble with the co-ordination between your left hand and your right hand, or perhaps your fretting hand isn't keeping up with your strumming hand, then this video will help.

Learn the chords in the video, and practise chord changes with the help of Next Level Guitar, who have produced yet another great video.

How do they do it?

With the amount of chords in this exercise it can look daunting for a beginner, but half of the chords are 'embellishments', meaning you only have to change one or two fingers.

Once again, kudos to Next Level Guitar for their hard work, if you haven't subbed them on Youtube then it's definitely worth it.

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