Incredible Guitar Cover Of Gotye From Virtuoso Mike Dawes

Finger tapping harmonics on Somebody That I Used To Know   19-Jun-12

Just as it seems the whole world and his dog had submitted a cover of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' to Youtube, one comes along that absolutely blows your socks off.

A new cover from Mike Dawes boasts 'no overdubs', but through use of finger tapping, harmonics, and incredibly nimble finger and thumb picking, Mike achieves a sound that would be impressive were it being played by two guitarists.

The playing is likely to leave any guitarist open-mouthed, so check it out. We'll try and have more from Mike, as he seems like somebody we should keep tabs on.

And on the subject of tabs, if you're still not impressed then download the tabs and send us a link to your version of Mike's version! You can download them here.

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