Croatian Fans Throw Rocks At Dave Mustaine And Megadeth

Video footage circulates online   07-Jun-12

Megadeth were forced to leave the stage during their performance at European metal festival 'Metalfest'. The festival takes place in a number of countries, but some of those in attendance in Croatia were riled into a frenzy and started aiming projectiles at the band.

In particular, certain members of the audience were throwing rocks and bottles at frontman Dave Mustaine, with other audience members taking a slightly more relaxed approach and just choosing to flip the bird.

Rumours and video evidence suggests that those throwing projectiles at Mustaine and co were fans of the band W.A.S.P., according to some reports, W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless had taken offence to something said by Mustaine, and was refusing to go on stage.

A spokesman for the band tried calming down the audience by telling them that Dave Mustaine had been struck, saying “Guys, Dave’s been hit in the head with a rock.”

He added: “I apologise. He’s been hit in the head." Unfortunately the spokesman then came under fire from rocks and bottles.

Many have acted angrily, blaming the whole nation of Croatia for the actions of around 15 people, others have descended into flame wars about the riffs of Megadeth and W.A.S.P.

You can watch the action in the video above from around 10 minutes onwards.

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