Buffalo FX Offer New Takes On Some Classic Fuzzboxes

Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz and Bender MkII re-imagine the Fuzz Face and Tone Bender   24-May-12

Buffalo FX Offer New Takes On Some Classic Fuzzboxes

French company, Buffalo FX has announced two new pedals – the Germanium Fuzz and Bender MkII. The Germanium Fuzz is an updated version of the two knob germanium fuzz face, Buffalo FX has re-housed the original circuit allowing for tool free battery change,top mounted signal jacks and external bias and pre-gain controls.

They say that it has more output than the previous pedal to still allow unity gain when the pre-gain is pulled back and is made more versatile by the addition of two extra controls.

Buffalo FX had this to say: "[It's] fat warm and harmonic, [and] cleans up like a vintage Fender with your guitar volume control. Dig in and initially you will hear the note bark followed by thick sustain.

"Pre-gain control rolls off the thick bottom end that is often a problem with this type of circuit, external bias to compensate for temperature changes without having to adjust internally. The transistors are selected by gain value and then tuned by ear until I find the perfect pair."


  • Matched NOS Germanium transistors
  • Hand Wired
  • + 9v dc power capable & LED
  • Reverse log fuzz control for more range
  • True Bypass
  • Screened cabling
  • Tool free battery change
  • top mounted signal jacks
  • Vishay caps

Bender MkII is Buffalo FX's take on the classic Tonebender Mk2 Professional. A spokesperson had this to say:
"[It gives] smooth tones and sustain forever, and I really mean that. No other fuzz sustains like a MKii Bender. This has the addition of an external bias knob giving you more range of tones from this legendary fuzz box."


  • 3 x Carefully selected & tuned NOS germanium transistors
  • External Bias Control
  • 9v power supply
  • Tool free battery change
  • Top Entry Signal Jacks
  • Screened signal wiring
  • Dimensions 114x65x55mm (l,w,h)
  • Super bright LED

Pricing and Availability:
Germanium Fuzz: 145.00 euros + shipping
Bender MkII : MSRP 155 euros + shipping
More information:

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