Slash Records Exclusive 'Soundcheck'

Watch six tracks from legendary guitarist   17-May-12

Slash Records Exclusive 'Soundcheck'
Slash performs in Rome // Creative Commons // Archita

Slash has recorded a number of songs as part of Walmart's 'Soundcheck' series. The footage of the event can be seen here.

For anyone who's excited about Slash's Apocalyptic Love album this is a good chance to see some well-shot footage of the band.

The songs performed were 'Back From Cali', 'Starlight', 'Standing in the Sun', 'You're a Lie', 'Ghost' and 'Mean Bone'. 

The set was followed by an interview with Slash, who this week also denied rumours that Velvet Revolver are getting back together.

The rumours were put in motion by ex-Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland. You can read our report on the conflicting statements here.

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