Velvet Revolver To Reunite, But Slash Knows Nothing About It

Strange story develops across two radio stations   14-May-12

Velvet Revolver To Reunite, But Slash Knows Nothing About It
Velvet Revolver - reforming without Slash? // Creative Commons // Kreepin Deth

Scott Weiland has revealed that Velvet Revolver are to reunite, and that the band will be starting songwriting sessions next week. However, the band's guitarist Slash has said that he is unaware of the plans and went as far as to say the the singer is 'out of his mind'.

ABC News Radio reported that in an interview with the station, Scott Weiland said: “We’ve all grown a lot. We’re able to put egos and differences and old… conflicts aside and so that’s really cool.

According to ABC News Radio, he then went on to say:

“Slash’s solo album gets released [on May 22] and so he’s gonna do some touring on that and then we’re gonna go and do some shows in the later part of summer into early fall.”

But when Slash was quizzed about the reunion during an interview with radio station 93X Rocks, he is reported to have said:

"[Scott's] out of his mind," adding, "Maybe [Weiland and Matt Sorum] know something I don't."

Weiland spoke about a possible songwriting session with Duff McKagan and Dave Kushner, but it seems that whatever plans have been made, Slash has not been included.

Whether this means that Velvet Revolver are to reform without Slash, or they simply haven't gotten around to inviting him to the session, we can only speculate at this point.

More updates as the situation evolves.

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