OMG: Retro-fit Robotic Guitar Tuner Coming Soon For 'Any Model' Of Guitar

Bringing easy tuning to the masses - but at what price?   03-May-12

This looks like a wonderful piece of technology from Tronical, who have been pioneering robotic tuning systems for some time. My first thought when I saw this video is that at the right price, it really could become a mass marketed product.

Unfortunately something tells me that this is not likely to be cheap. The Tronical Tune Speedmode is a robot tuner that will fit to 'almost any guitar', so the company that was responsible for desinging the Gibson robotic tuners will now be making this available to Joe Bloggs.

The electronic part is housed in a box that is hidden on the back of the head of the guitar, so you can tap a small button to get you in tune rather discreetly. This would be really handy in the middle of a bar-long pause in a gig.

You can also toggle through different tuning presets, such as drop D, open chords, and step-down or step-up tunings.

Check out the video for more information.

Register your interest at Tronical's website

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