New Amps For Stoner Rock

Solid cables founder launches a new line of rare vintage inspired tube guitar amps with enthusiast funding   12-Apr-12

Solid Cables founder, Nial McGaughey is soliciting funds for a run of guitar amps inspired by rare tube amps from a specific period in rock history: Late 1960's to early 1970's heavy psychedelic rock and proto-heavy metal guitar rock. Nial told Amped, "I have a huge soft spot for what's now termed stoner rock. The amps those guys used 40 years ago are now too valuable and rare to take on the road. Our amps owe their sonic inspiration to vintage matamp, orange, laney and local Portland heroes sunn amplifiers.. I got feedback from enough people that they loved the similar sound of our recycled amps and that was good enough for me to do this."
Originally, hovercraft amplifiers were uniquely remade from used tube amplifiers and components, but demand quickly outstripped supply. "All of our amps sold within 24 hours of being announced, we literally could not make them fast enough" says Nial. Hovercraft amplifiers then launched a kickstarter project to get 55 amps pledge funded by June 4th 2012. Once all 55 amps are funded, hovercraft will then be able to make these historic amp voices sing again. Each of these new amplifiers (model name caribou) will be uniquely tailored and voiced to the owner. No two will be alike. The kickstarter page for people to "pledge" funding for their own custom amp, priced at $750 is listed below:
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