Previous Unreleased Pantera Track Now Online

'Piss' is the new old song from Pantera   12-Apr-12

It's finally happened, a previously lost track from Pantera has been
released. You can buy the new/old song, titled 'Piss', from iTunes
from 12/04/12, or you can listen to it in the video above.

Predictably, there are calls to get the band to number one, which
would be pretty incredible. The song itself features some classic
Pantera groove riffs, it's actually impossible not to the headbang to
the song, it has been proven in multiple science journals (citation

The track reportedly dates back to 1992, from the Vulgar Display of
Power era, an album which had its 20th anniversary this year.

Ten points for the first person to learn the whole song on guitar. The
solo has a harmonised part, so you might need the help of a friend.

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