New Brainworx Amp Sim Sounds Great On Video Preview

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Brainworx bx_rockrack - Preview (2012-04-05) from Plugin Alliance on Vimeo.


A few days ago, Brainworx announced plans for their new amp simulator. It's a fairly stripped back piece of software, and instead of modelling every style of amp and cab under the sun, they've gone for a lighter approach.

Whilst this might upset some people, when you actually choose a certain style of cab or amplifier on a lot of amp sim software, it's just tweaking parameters on the same patch that may have been used for simulations of other cabs and amps (the exception to this comes with more expensive software of course).

The idea of just having a clean amp sim, and crunch amp sim, and a heavy amp sim sounds like a perfectly good idea, and it works well on a few pieces of existing software. Having said that, when a company invests time and effort into modelling sampling microphones, cabs, amps, microphone placement, and rooms, then I do have an eargasm.

What this new software offers is a step away from modelling a plethora of amps, and a step towards modelling the signal chains of some of the best consoles in the world, such as the Neve VXS 72.

The Brainworx Rockrack software sounds pretty good in this new video, which is definitely worth a watch. It's not out yet, but stay tuned and we'll keep you updated. It seems light and easy to use, and the console chain is a good idea. It's hardly a revolution in amp modelling, but if it sounds good, then it's passed the test, right?

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