MESSE12: The GigRig's Quatermaster and Z-Cable

You have to check this stuff out!   01-Apr-12

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As a guitarist with too many pedals I am constantly trying to find better and more efficient ways to manage my board. I've done everything from custom building power-supplies to bodging pedals with duct-tape and cable ties. I seemed to have missed a trick however because everything you could possibly ever want for your pedalboard can be found on
If you haven't heard of them (like me about a year ago) then you really should check out their kit. Dan gave me a rundown of their latest product the Quatermaster - a very simple yet very effective switching system and I also took the opportunity to pick his brains on the Z-Cable. When I first discovered the Z-Cable I was a little perplexed as to what exactly it did, after watching their video on youtube it makes a great deal more sense and is a must for any tone freak.
The Quatermasters start at around £139 but can be customised to fit exactly what you need.

The Z-Cable comes in 4 sizes 4m, 6m, 8m, 12m and range from £159 to £199


For more information check out their website

Rob H


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