MESSE12: Roland Stage Amps Video

Quick look the new GA-212 amp   27-Mar-12

No flash plug

    MP4 3:34 mins

We ran a News item about the new GA-112 and GA-212 Stage Amps from Roland at the start of the Messe show - there were just 2 examples we could find throughout the whole of the Roland area, hidden away in the invitation-only Demo cabin... so we sneaked in and asked guitar guru Alex Hutchings for a very quick demo.

Alex had not had prior experience with the brand new amps, but trooper that he is, he was able to show us the sounds & features within seconds of plugging in.

One of the stand-out functions for me was the facility to use an expression pedal to smoothly go from clean to overdriven sound, whilst keeping the volume level pretty much the same - very handy!



Andy McCreeth




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