MESSE12: Orange Amps

Catch up with the lastest changes in the world of Orange   21-Mar-12

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I met up with Adrian from Orange Amps to go over the latest changes to the 2012 line up.

Along with the OR50, OR15 and the Jim Root TT, Orange have recently been working on DIVO (Dynamic Intelligent Valve Optimisation). This little piece of kit seemed to be underplayed by Adrian but we think it's a real game changer. DIVO is a retrofitted tube controller for amps which use 4 output valves. It can be used on any valve amp (using 4 output valves) so even if you don’t have an Orange you can still have one of these fitted to your amp. Aside from improving the reliability and performance of any amp, it also offers a number of other very useful features. Switching between valve types on a footswitch for example, or adjusting output volume can now all be done by controlling the valves themselves from a footswitch.

Check out the Orange website for more info

Rob H

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