MESSE12: One Control Switching Solutions

For the guitarist who has too many pedals and not enough feet   21-Mar-12

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I really like the idea behind these loop systems and One Control certainly have taken it to the next level. There are plenty of these systems available for the guitarist who's looking to simplify things but One Control have added a few features which put theirs a cut above the rest.

It's not only the looping systems that these guys have been working on, one pedal in particular caught my eye, the 'Mosquite Blender' is a great little piece of kit. It enables you to blend two signal paths from different pedals, so you could combine a chorus with an overdrive and mix the signal coming out. You could also use it to as a bypass for a multi-effects pedal if you wanted to include it on your pedal board.

More info on the website

Rob H


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