Amped Review: TC Electronic Polytune Mini

Tiny polyphonic guitar tuner   15-Mar-12

    MP4 14:28 mins    

There's not much you can say about this bite-sized pedal. It's as great as its big brother, but it's tiny!

For the polytune function, you simply strum all your strings, and its bright LEDs will guide you to tuning perfection. If you want to tune one string at a time, then just pluck one string and the display will tell you what note your playing, and how far sharp or flat you are.

By holding down the stomp switch for a few seconds, you can activate the Drop D mode. This can also be done at a button on the side, but it's easier to use the stomp. With the button on the side you can also activate a range of different tuning modes:

1/2 Step Down
Drop D
Drop C
Drop B
Capo F
Capo F#
Capo G
Capo G#
Capo A
Capo A#
Capo B
The capo tunings simply allow you to be able to use the Polytune mode whilst you have a capo on your guitar (anywhere from the 1st fret/F to the 7th fret/B).

One important thing to mention is the fact that you cannot use a battery, this is no bother for me, as I never use batteries... ever. So I would recommend buying a power supply, because it (usually) won't fail you, unless there is a power cut... in which case you'll feel stupid for not using batteries!

You can't access open tuning modes in polyphonic mode, but you can do this by tuning each string individually, so it's not the end of the world. Overall, the pedal is genius. It has a tiny footprint on your board, whilst serving an invaluable purpose.

Everybody needs a tuning pedal, but they'd rather save pedal-board space for their flanger-fuzz-8000, so the Polytune Mini is a great solution for the problem. It's small, but it's bright, you can always see the LEDs clearly on stage, TC got this one right!

Available now Priced:
£65/ $89



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