Video: Play The Blues With A Little Bit Of Soul

A lesson in blues rhythm from David Taub   01-Mar-12

There are so many different ways to play the blues, from the early alternative tuning finger-picking styles of the greats, right up to more modern players like Joe Bonamassa.

Right in the middle of that timeline is the legendary B.B. King, who wrote incredibly soulful electric blues songs, at a time when other players were beginning to nod towards rock and roll.

In this instructional video, David Taub shows you how to play blues rhythm with all the feeling of the King of the Blues' compositions. Ironically, the Blues Boy himself claims to be a bad rhythm guitarist, but he could still write a great rhythm even if he got other guitarists to play the rhythms live.

This is a very similar style adopted later on by guitarists like Peter Green, and even David Gilmour. Beginner to intermediate level guitarists will probably get the most out of this lesson, but it's always good for advanced lead guitarists to get a refresher on rhythm from time to time. This is the true meaning of Rn'B!

Rich Beech



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