VIDEO: Lamb Of God Guitarist Demos His Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic

Mark Morton shows off his beautiful Mesa rig   09-Feb-12

The only thing you can really say about this video is 'wow'. The Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic is an incredibly versatile amplifier, and Mark Morton is an incredible guitarist, so it's a pretty good partnership.

Mark talks about the "modern sounding gain" on his RA-100, saying it offers him a "tight, present low-end, but still that awesome growling mid, and that smooth creamy gain structure."

He's a man of taste, and his demonstration of the RA-100 in the video above is compulsory viewing for anybody who is a fan of Lamb Of God.

The Royal Atlantc RA-100 is Mesa's new flagship stack, boasting the multi-soak feature which allows the user to attenuate the power of each individual channel. Packed with gleaming EL34s, you can also use the 'half-power' function if you want higher gains at lower volumes. Either way, it sounds pretty mean, as you'd expect from Mesa.

It's definitely a metal amp, with some even complaining that it's a bit too present in the highs, but for an all out modern in-your-face high gain amplifier, it gets the job done almost perfectly – as Mark Morton demonstrates.

For more information about the RA-100, head to Mesa's website.

Rich Beech



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