So Who's Going To Metallica Fest?

And what would you give for a ticket?   09-Feb-12

Earlier this week, Metallica announced to the world the news that they are hosting their own music festival this summer. People got pretty excited about it, and so they should, the line-up is spectacular.

Orion Music + More is the name of the festival, which will feature 22 bands, and will see Metallica perform The Black Album and Ride The Lightning in full. This must be one of the first times that Ride the Lightning has been played in full in front of such a large audience.

The festival will take place in New Jersey, which kind of sucks for people on the West Coast, and for those in the rest of the world. You never know though, one day the 'tallica boys might take it on the road with a touring festival - that'd be awesome.

So who is planning on going to the festival? I would personally part with a lot of cash to go and see this, The Arctic Monkeys, Metallica, and Cage The Elephant on the same bill sounds like a lot of fun.

Does anybody have a ticket already? The pre-sale has already started for Metallica fan-club members, and general sale starts on Saturday Feb 11th. Admission price of $125 ($150 if you are not a fan-club member) seems pretty reasonable, and there is not only music but also comedy.

A Metallica comedy roasting would be entertaining to say the least. What else would Metallica fans want to see? I think it should be obligatory for all bands to cover at least one Metallica song, mainly because it would be interesting to see The Gaslight Anthem cover 'Of Wolf and Man'.

For updates and news about the festival, head to the Orion Music website.

Rich Beech

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