VIDEO: Chi Cheng Emerging From Coma?

Deftones bassist responds to commands from friends   08-Feb-12

Deftones bass player, Chi Cheng, is showing signs that he may be emerging from his three-year-long coma.

In 2008 Cheng was injured in a car accident and entered a coma, doctors have performed surgery to keep him alive, resulting in the bass player being able to come off the life support machine.

Now his friends and family have posted a video showing Cheng responding to commands. In the video Chi raises his left leg twice, you can watch this above.

His brother Ming Cheng told RecordNet:

“It’s just all these pitfalls and hiccups. He just can’t seem to stay healthy in the hospital. We hope to bring him home in the middle of March. It’s so hard to say."

You can donate to 'One Love For Chi', the support fund for Cheng, by going to this link.

Rich Beech

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