New String Cleaner From Rotosound

The 360 design cleans strings and fretboard   08-Feb-12

New String Cleaner From Rotosound
Keep It Clean Please Folks

Rotosound have released a 360 string cleaner for guitar and bass. The Rotosound String Cleaner is designed to get into all those small little crevices in your fretboard, whilst also cleaning your strings.

All you do is slide the cleaner in between your fretboard and your strings, and sweep it up and down for a couple of minutes before and after playing.

Guitarists are advised to replace strings as often as every two weeks – more often if you are gigging regularly. In reality we never do that, so the string cleaner seems like a great product for keeping your strings in good condition for longer. The better condition your strings are in, the better they sound, unless you are going for some filthy lo-fi blues.

The added bonus of being able to clean your fretboard will also prevent your neck from accumulating the dead skin, dirt, sweat, and oils that it is subjected to every time you pick up a guitar.

Rotosound are claiming that the product may help your strings to last for up to 3 or 4 times longer. For the price of £12.95 for guitarists, and £17.95 for bass players, that sounds like a good option.

Don't bass players always seem to be charged more though?

Rich Beech

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